While information continues to come in concerning the failed Turkish coup, photographic evidence has provided a concrete link between Obama and his Radical Islam ally Erdogan. The "coup," which allowded Erdogan and his Islamist government to consolidate power, gut the secular, pro-western military, and complete his control of the press is widely seen as a deathstroke against Turkish democracy.

As one of our key "allies" in the war against ISIS, it isn't hard to figure out who wouldn't want non-Islamists in charge. That's right: Barack Hussein Obama. Obama, who has never intended to step down in November (and, if forced, will pull a Putin and install puppet Hillary for whom he has complete blackmail control), has been studying the means by which he could seize the country.

Turkey is a test-case. Using American military hardware (sent for the "War on Terror" even as jihadis flow across the Turkish border unchecked) he proved that if he could engineer a coup with further illegal executive orders and other flauntings of the constitution, he could then use a cabal of his favored generals to crush the "coup" and take control of America.

Don't fall for it--keep your eyes and ears open. Observe his new logo mixing the Obama "sunrise" and the Islamic crescent and star. If you see that symbol on any armored vehicle, please contact us immediately.