Trump-Pence Interview At Trump Ranch

Giving the first full-length interview at the Trump Gold Star Ranch in Las Vegas, Mike Pence (Gov IN-D) seemed notably uncomfortable with the topics under discussion. Unable to commit to Trump's "full" Muslim Ban, Pence was able to hoarsely voice support for some kind of security check from some countries.

When asked about Donald Trump's statement on Turkey: "So many friends in Turkey. Great people, amazing people. We wish them well. A lot of anguish last night, but hopefully it will all work out." Pence struggled to find anything meaningful to add.

"We . . . do have friends in Turkey," he responded. "And excellent restaurants--a deep and vibrant culture. We can only hope they are unscathed by these events."

After glancing nervously at Mr. Trump, who nodded, Pence fell silent.

Observers have noted that Pence does not seem to be a good fit for a Trump vice presidency. Lacking in charisma and the kind of moral certainty that Trump exudes as well as Mr. Trump's moral certainty, he seems more of a hesitating establishment politician.

We are examining his unusual patterns of blinking when he knows there is a camera close-up to determine if he is trying to send coded messages to the Republican nominee's enemies.