Gingrich Enraged. Swears Revenge--Pence Frightened

Our sources confirm that Trump wanted Newt--but was ambushed at the last moment and forced to select Indiana Governor and Democrat Mike Pence. Newt isn't taking it lying down either. The coup, orchestrated by Pro-Pence forces within the Trump camp, believed they have been victorious--but our analysts say otherwise.

Gingrich, surviving the attempt to eliminate him spoke to us from a undisclosed bunker loaded with weapons, state of the art spy gear, and BullionVault Gold Certificates. He said he's planning a comeback--and the Convention will be "An historic event."

"I've been in politics a lifetime," Gingrich told us, "and I may not have the same knack for glad-handling or fund-raising that Pence does--but over that time I have acquired a very specific set of skills. If Pence and his men don't step down, I will hut them. I will find them. I will liquidate them."

When asked about his strategy, Gingrich was direct: "I'm speaking to Mike," he said, in a dead-pan voice. "I'm. Coming. To. Get. You."

If it were us? We'd be scared.