Our source provides an actual photo just before the assault took place

On the heels of the breaking story of Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence (Gov Ind, a Democrat), we have learned that the disappointing choice was made not by Donald Trump, but rather by his campaign manager Paul Manafort.

According to sources inside the Trump campaign, last night at 2 AM, Trump was having second thoughts--preferring to go with either Newt Gingrich, who had innovated a test for Muslims that would determine their aptitude for terrorism or dark-horse pick Mark Levin. Trump, making a bold decision for Gingrich, stated that he would not be 'scripted' or 'managed' by his handlers.

Manafort, an experienced political operative moved in behind Mr. Trump and seized hold of his cell phone. Working quickly and, according to our source, using jujitsu skills learned directly from Vladimir Putin, he managed to fight off Trump long enough to tweet.

According to those in the know, Trump is not so easily defeated--it isn't over yet folks. We are told to expect a "Pirate-Surprise" at the convention!

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