SCOOP: Trump to Pick Levin As VP!

Trump will officially announce his VP pick at 11 AM tomorrow--but our sources deep inside the campaign tell us that it's a curve-ball no one--especially Hillary Clinton--could have expected. Conservative talk show host and legal scholar Mark Levin has been chosen by Donald Trump to be the next Vice President of the United States of America. When asked why the pointed and sometimes vocal critic of Trump was going to join him on the ticket, our source explained:

"Mark brings some constitutional punch to the ticket. He's a top-flight intellect on America's most important document and he brings seven million listeners to the table. That's enough to win Ohio and Florida. Also, the fact that he's been a critic intrigues Mr. Trump: he's a huge fan of Lincoln who, famously, composed a cabinet of distinctive voices to great effect."

We reached out to Levin for response but although his statement was that he had not been approached and was unaware of being vetted by the campaign, we weren't surprised. Our contact:

"No--he hasn't been asked. When you're offered a seat on the winning November ticket, you don't say 'no.' Like the convention-speaker line up we're going to unveil, a lot of these people are going to be asked 'What they can do for their country' and, you know, they're patriots. They're going to come on board one way or another. Trust me: this convention is going to be a block-buster--ratings like you've never seen. Viewership and participation through the roof."

There you have it folks--you can wait for tomorrow--but you read it here first!