Gun Sales Spike Ahead Of RNC Convention

Industry analysts note that sales of Firearms and ammunition are soaring ahead of the RNC Cleveland convention. Called the "number one driver of the Second Amendment in America," an internal document shows that not only are sales up but the projected sales will reach a historic high on the final night when Donald Trump speaks.

Lawrence G. Keane, senior VP and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation said:

"The decision to allow firearms at the convention is a block-buster for the industry. There are a lot of people who aren't happy with the direction the country is going and the Second Amendment is an important, constitutional bulwark against an over-extended Federal Government that wants to defy the will of the people. This is equally true for a Republican National Committee which might stage a delegate fight to overturn the will of historic levels of American voters."

When asked if there were security concerns about large numbers of weapons in Cleveland, Keane explained:

"We know the vast majority of firearms users are law-abiding Americans so there are zero concerns. The police and the Secret Service will be conducting security operations and we expect the large number of weapons will actually make the convention safer since any malefactor be they Radical Islamists, Gay Rights Activists, or Black Lives Matter anarchists will have to contend with a Republic contingent ready and able to defend itself.

When asked if he would be in attendance, Mr. Keane replied:

"I have prior commitments--but I will be watching it on television like much of the Republican leadership."