OUTRAGE: Obama Celebrates Police Murders

Last night President Obama rolled out the colored lights again--the same way he did to celebrate Prince and Gay Marriage. This time? He lit the White House up blue to celebrate the deaths of five Dallas police officers. Officials familiar with the plan said that Obama's story would be that he is responding to his critics (who allege he has not done enough for the police) but that he understood that using colored lights on the White House was entirely inappropriate as a response to the Dallas tragedy.

Our source said that Obama, with his seven lightly-salted almonds, gave the order and the retreated to the Treaty room where he watches ESPN with his feet up on the conference table. When some of the staff objected, allegedly Obama responded: "What, you want the flags lowered to half-mast--for some dead cops? Naw. I'll have myself a Bud Light and watch some hoops. Light the house up blue. We're celebrain'."

When will Obama try to do something other than divide us with his inflamatory rhetoric?