Hillary DIDN'T Win California

You probably saw on the news that Clinton won California. I bet you didn't know that was a lie. See, in addition to massive voter fraud--with a massive lawsuit--they also announced who won without counting the ballots. How do they do that? Oh, right: they project.

A bunch of cis white males, maybe with mathematics degrees or something, sit around in a room and they decide based on a small number of ballots who won. That sounds like Democracy, doesn't it? Well, thanks to a bunch of Sanders supporters, it turns out that UNDER LAW they actually have to COUNT all those ballots.

I'm sure they throw out all the ballots they possibly can (if they're marked for Sanders). They get rid of the placebo-vote provisional ballots if no one's looking. They hide as many ballots from Sanders districts as they can--but with the cameras on them they still HAVE TO COUNT THEM.

Well, they did.

And a BUNCH of counties flipped from Clinton to Sanders. They STILL threw out around 1 MILLION ballots.

The final results--pending the lawsuits?

Sanders added 879,671 votes to his California total; Clinton added 804,713 votes.

You won't see any MAINSTREAM MEDIA reporting THAT. I think 879,671 is BIGGER than 804,713--but CLEARLY I can't do BASIC MATH better than the ELITES at the election office.

It's time for Clinton to concede to Bernie Sanders!