The OUTRAGEOUS Six-Pointed Star

Yesterday Donald Trump blew liberal's minds (their small, tiny minds) by showing the raaacist "six-pointed star" appearing on Disney's Frozen. Is Elsa a closet Nazi? Is Disney a white supremacist organization? Crickets. Of course liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. While they were quick to pounce on a potential racial grievance (it's all they've got, folks, really) we looked around to see where ELSE the evil six-pointed star might lurk.

If you're a liberal, you might want to stop reading now!


On the American Flag? Yep--you probably missed it, but it's there. We've circled these to help any liberals you know find them. NAZI, SYMBOL right? Well, the LEFT thinks so.

America's armed forces?

The five-star General Uniform. One of them is an evil, racist six pointed star. Did liberals ever POINT THAT OUT? No. Of course they hate the military so they'd probably agree any five-star general is a racist hatemonger.

But what about . . . Obama? Yep:

There it is right in the presidential seal of the United States. The one Obama travels around with, you've heard. Guess he's a Nazi too.

Of course we really know what the Six Pointed Star means--and why Hillary doesn't want to be associated with it:

We see you, Hillary.

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