Director Comey, Justice Roberts: BRAINWASHED!

When FBI Directory James Comey shocked the world yesterday by issuing an insane self-refuting finding for Hillary Rodham Clinton, we knew something was badly wrong. It turns out that it was yesterday evening as we were still reeling from the morning in stunned disbelief (and smarting from the salt rubbed in the wounds by liberals victory-dancing on Twitter and Facebook), our breakthrough came.

Our contact, deep inside the Washington Machine, calling itself Projeckt Pyramid delivered an encrypted file-set detailing a government operation in the linage of the CIA's MKULTRA and Monarch--a program dedicated to brainwashing and mind control--able to take a human and, at least temporarily, re-program them like a computer.

Our documents detail a Special Operations Group "snatch team" composed of Navy SEAL recruits who have failed out but still show promise in darker lines of work. It lists anonymous office buildings with floors converted to "NDOC FACILITIES." It has rosters of government employees terminally addicted to designer drugs that only the Obama Administration can provide (and, nastily, an ObamaCare pharma-clause that will cut them off should they quit or talk).

Within these N-Doc (the term for Indoctrination) chambers, high members of the government are "disappeared" and then re-programmed over 18 to 72 hours using Virtual-Feedback systems and "cranial microsurgery." The subject can be made to believe contradictory things (such as what was done to Comey) or have their value system flipped 180-degrees (Roberts on ObamaCare . . . Possibly Kennedy on Gay Marriage?).

These documents, while difficult to verify, appear legitimate and are the only plausible explanation for the wholesale betrayal by the GOP that we have experienced in recent years. In addition to Comey and Roberts, there are several code-names for "patients" who have been introduced to the N-DOC Facility. While we have limited information on who these people might be, we are releasing the pseudonyms in case anyone can connect the dots. They are:


  • P90X



If anyone can break these codes, please, please let us know. The world has to be warned!