Deep Event Example - LUNAR LANDING -

This material comes from a source calling itself Projekt Pyramid. We have no contact other than being sent the data with instructions on how to deploy it.

-- BEGIN TRANSMISSION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This transmission shows the anatomy of a deep event using the 1969 lunar landing as a case-example. This shows how the event is constructed and the narrative and counter-narrative is deployed / injected.


America comes together in a moment of national triumph to put a "man on the moon."

THEMES: Patriotism. Capitalism.

IMPACT: Economic stimulus, spending-floodgates open.

Actuality: American space-program, using clandestine resources from Soviet Union (enabled by DX-OVERARCH) create working launch and return system which is capable of, and executes, a lunar landing.

Deep Event: The THESIS conceals a second lunar module which is deployed in sequence with the THESIS MODULE.


NASA and US Government fake the lunar landing in order to win prestige in the Cold-War.

THEMES: Conspiracy. Alienation. Big Lie.

IMPACT: Paranoia. White-Rabbit.

Actuality: A second lunar module with storage for 600lbs Au [ GOLD ] in pyramidal shape engraved with WINGED SUN and a single human astronaut is deployed to [landing] SITE B. Astronaut buries gold pyramid upside down in the lunar surface and then self terminates, destroying the second module as well.

Deep Cover: Using Projection Screen technology, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick creates faked footage of a moon-landing event with analogue to ACTUAL LANDING. Footage seeded with visual errors. Cover-footage is injected into media reports, mixed with actual footage.

Module #2, Development Photo


Noetic Closure of AMERICAN DREAM.

THEMES: Worship. Idol. Sacrifice. Octopus

IMPACT: Directional Control. Kill-Switch Installation. DX-OVERARCH.

Actuality: Control of market economy from 1969 to 2000 AD. Control of Democratic Elections 1969-2000 AD. Control of Zeitgeist 1969-2000 AD. Control of American Technical Innovation 1969-2000 AD.

Deep Cover: Free Radical Investigation of DEEP EVENT is rail-guided by ANTITHESIS. Epistemic Capture of investigation. Truth-nullification.

“Know Your Communist Enemy” p.3 in Robert B. Watts (1977), “Our Freedom Documents”, The Supreme Council, Washington SEE ALSO: ANTISEMETIC OCTOPUS (1933)



-- END TRANSMISSION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As far as we can tell, the "2nd Lander" is a real prototype built by the soviets that never successfully reached the moon.

The Octopus eating the world is an old image dating back to the Nazis and beyond. The patch above is similar to the National Reconissance Office's patch--but substitutes the moon for the earth. Image created as directed by instructions.