Author's Note: This is pure, parody fake news--it should be obvious, but if you clicked on it believing it to be real (or, worse yet, read it thinking there was actually something to it) you need to reexamine your world-view.


Despite desperate liberal "leaks" that there will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton, we have learned that, breaking NOW, federal marshals, working in conjunction with the Secret Service and FBI, have arrested President Obama for obstruction of justice in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Multiple sources report that Obama was caught on tape trying to stand down the FBI's recommendation that Hillary be prosecuted for treason in the handling of Top Secret information.

"He was screaming, fighting--he bit one of the marshal's," Our source told us. "Michelle was in there too, swinging. She had a knife or something--she's being held too right now."

Apparently, upon learning of the FBI's report, Obama flew into a rage and begin issuing "executive orders" to try to fire FBI Director James Comey and ordered US Army troops defend Hillary Clinton from arrest. These orders, clearly illegal on constitutional grounds, were sufficient to trigger the first ever arrest of a sitting president.

FLASH UPDATE: It is our understanding that this event has not happened yet. We believe it is pending. RealTrueNew regrets the error. Allegedly Barack Hussein Obama is presently serving as POTUS--but for how LONG?