We've been tracking a story developing inside America's most clandestine intelligence agencies and now, on the news of a public break that the FSB is behind Edward "Wikileaks" Snowden, we have to reveal the deeper truth. The Russian Security-Intel apparatus isn't the puppet master. They're the false flag.

Behind the curtain?

It's Ron Paul. You probably guess that, didn't you.

It is no secret that the Department of Defense Insider Threat Records System has been using a massive database and deep-data mining to try to pre-empt the next set of damaging leaks before they start. Now we have the preliminary report and it's terrifying.

Working its way through America's various agencies, a single force run by a person code-named Fisher King, has penetrated deep into our intelligence, operational, and governmental organizations. The networks are open. If this were a game of poker, our cards might as well be face up.

The data reveals an image--even if now somewhat hazy--of an elite organization with top-tier assets in terms of technology (especially computer technology), clandestine operations, political acumen, and public relations. Our source told us: "If these guys had been behind Watergate, Nixon wouldn't just have not-gone-down: he'd be Dictator for life."

The profile we looked at suggested that any millennial in the intelligence services may already have been recruited (often without their knowledge) and that more senior officers are consistently being blackmailed with the data taken from the usage logs of their government computers.

Our source confirmed that the level of "Porn[ogrophy] surfing in the Pentagon" is "out of hand--well, maybe that's not the best way to put it. It's really, really bad though."

He noted that the Fisher King was probably only one or two moves away from the nuclear launch codes and their shadowy endgame for which the codename is only known as CHECKMATE 4-20. Possibly a Nazi reference. Don't believe the Snowden-Putin story: it's a false flag.