Sources inside the Trump campaign confirmed that Donald Trump is ready to move to his most ambitious plan to protect American jobs yet: Removing Indian 'Americans' from the labor force and population at large. Our highly placed source told us:

Firstly, as Mr. Trump rightly points out, these people are largely not Christian. Not Jewish. They may be Muslim. They could be Buddhist. It's really hard to say. Secondly, they are positioning themselves disproportionately in technology, medicine, and mathematics. These immigrants--or children of immigrants--are taking the top places--the most productive slots from real Americans. This has to stop. It has to stop--and the big companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google? They're giving away these positions because the Indians will accept less compensation. It's going to stop.

Plus, you know a lot of these people--a lot of them vote Democrat. They're secret socialists. An Indian doctor, for example, might treat patients without insurance. An Indian technologist could educate his country-men without proper compensation. India is basically a communist country. It's in their DNA.

In a move that will likely be cheered by all patriots, the source outlined a plan to use immigration records and video monitoring to identify Indian Americans and then set a clock on their re-location. The documents we revealed outlined a detailed plan to force India to pay for the repatriation for some 1.7 million individuals using trade embargoes and taxes on hair imports.