The Chinese-built United Nations super-carrier entered American waters this morning at 10:37 Eastern Standard. The un-authorized, un-planned intrusion sent the United State's military to high-alert until a stand down was ordered by Commander In Chief Barack Hussein Obama. Ray Mabus, Naval Secretary of Defense, was removed from his post for failure to fall in line.

The super-carrier, dwarfing the United State's Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the subject of amazement and fear from America's top naval officers. Armed with technology the Obama administration has denied the US Navy, observers were left to speculate.

Our source was dockside as the commanders, prohibited by Presidential Order from approaching the warship, gathered on the pier to observe it. Overheard was:

"That forward battery--some kind of nuclear-powered energy weapon?"

"What are those deployed ducted fans starboard? You don't think--"

"It's impossible."

"Sir, we are getting ZERO radar and lidar signature off it. It's like it's not there."

Messaging from the White House is that President Obama has asked the United Nations to step in with Election Monitoring and crowd control until the November elections. He cited Donald Trump's mega-rallies as causing unrest across the nation and concern for Democrats and minorities.

He outlined a plan where polling locations would be moved to UN-secured compounds located conveniently along interstate highway routes and voters would be driven to them in converted school-buses.

The Oval Office's press release called for orderly voting with mandatory turn-out--as well as a welcoming attitude to the world-government. Other observers noted that United Nations marked Humvees were being sent to the Norfolk docks--presumably for shipping overseas.