MEDIA BLACKOUT: Urban Teens Target Obese Whites in Horrifying NEW 'HARPOON GAME'

Elizabeth Boxley exited her bus on June 23rd in Andover New York only to be approached from behind and stabbed with a knife before fleeing. Boxley, who weighs approximately 290lbs survived with minor injuries but police say that this attack is part of a new even more disturbing trend than the "Knock-Out" or "Polar Bear" game that black youth were heavily involved in only a few years ago.

We spoke with Andover chief of police Daniel Harver.

RealTrueNews: "These 'harpooners' are targeting white people specifically?"

Harver: "White overweight people. Suspects have said the BMI has to be over 40 for it to count."

RTN: "They're measuring BMI??"

H: "Eyeballing it."

RTN: "Do we know what started this horrible new 'game'?"

H: "We don't. I mean, we know it's a cultural thing. Absent fathers. Lack of motivation. A hostile approach to education and so on. We've also heard it was attributed to a movie--so the media is, of course, partially to blame."

RTN: "A movie? Do we know which one? Is it one of the slavery movies that's coming out?"

H: "The suspect mentioned Heart of the Sea. I haven't seen it. I asked around--no one I know had seen it or been able to sit through it if they got it on TV. We don't really know."

RTN: "Thank you. Can you stop the spread of this rancid, abusive culture on our streets?"

H: "More education is the key. That and long prison sentences. Also, we think this is a good opportunity to encourage members of our community to lose some weight. Diet and exercise is healthy even without the added protection of not being a stabbing victim."

RTN: "We're glad you're looking out for us Chief Harver."

H: "You're welcome."