PURGE: Obama Fires Generals, Clears Way For 'Diversity'

Obama has decimated our military. First, he wrecked morale by forcing American patriots to share barracks with gay troops. Then, he set the Rules of Engagement so specifically that troops that fire on Muslims must undergo mandatory anger-management and diversity instruction. Now, days ahead of the "integration" of transgender troops into the military, Obama has fired his top generals in order to make way for "diversity in the upper ranks."

Some military leaders were given a choice: Come out as gay--or lose your job--and maybe face charges.

We spoke with a high ranking pentagon official on condition of anonymity:

RealTrueNews: "What were you told?"

Source: "Well, we were hearing different things--but where they landed is that there will be a target number of 'diversity slots' in the upper-echelons. Existing personnel were expected to stand aside . . .or--"

RTN: "Or?"

S: "Well, or 'convert.' I guess. Come out?"

RTN: "I don't understand. Come out as gay?"

S: "Yes. Well, no. It doesn't have to be 'gay.' They gave us options."

RTN: "Options? I don't--"

S: "Yeah, like fifty of them. There was a list. Here--"

RTN: "This is INSANE."

S: "I know. I don't even know what some of these are."

RTN: "What are you going to do? Is there a rebellion brewing? Are the men ready to fight this? Have you got people inside the cabinet onboard?"

S: "I'm thinking Two-Spirit, really."

RTN: "What?"

S: "I've got some Native American heritage and, you know--I've often felt something . . . different there. I think that could actually be me."

RTN: "What?"

S: "Yeah. I mean, it's crazy--but honestly this is kind of a relief. I know Admiral [ Redactted ] came out as Androgyne and we were all real supportive. I mean, their troops had been saying for years quietly but now that it was out in the open, it was really a non-issue."


S: "Right. So I could go Two-Spirit. I think . . . I really think that could work for me. Thanks for having this conversation and helping me clarify."

RTN: "You are a disgrace to your country."

S: "I'm a decorated soldier with commendations for valor on the battle field. Really?"


S: "Have a nice day."