You may have heard the term 'cultural appropriation'--there was a big speech on it by someone on the MTV Awards last night! Cultural Appropriation is an act of cultural theft where someone "affects" your culture while not actually being FROM it. Like white women belly dancing or white people rapping. Pretty much anything white people do that they stole from another culture.

But I'm white--so you ask, how can someone steal from MY culture?

Easy. I am a progressive. That means I believe in freedom of belief. I believe in equality. I don't believe in big banks or corrupt politicians (like the one featured up there to the right). It means I believe that Islam is the religion of peace and women should have their own safe spaces. I believe that speech can be hate--and that hate should be a crime.

I believe in the rights of all people to whatever they need to keep them alive and to be happy and fulfilled. I'm against wage-slave jobs.It's all pretty simple.

Hillary? She believes in none of that.

Hillary is a greedy Wall Street robot. She butchers Muslim kids because she thinks ti'll help her in the polls. She was criminal with her emails. She was criminal with her investments. She was criminal--well, you get the point.

But last night my roommate got so excited to see Hillary up there with Elisabeth Warren (the sell out to the left). She called me and had me come in to watch it.

I nearly threw up. I used to believe that Warren was okay. Maybe not totally progressive but for a politician she was like .3 Bernies (1 Bernie is a true, honest, progressive politician!).

Anyway, I started fidgeting and then I couldn't TAKE it anymore. I stood up and screamed at the TV that Hillary Goddamn Clinton was APPROPRIATING MY CULTURE. She got her 'TOKEN' progressive to stand up there and give her "props" so that people like my roommate would be fooled.

She came out there and used OUR speech. She stole OUR terms. She claimed OUR politics--trying it on like a hoodie (that she wouldn't be caught DEAD in) and then she'll DISCARD it as soon as that next Wall Street check comes in.

She's getting all the BENEFITS of being a progressive without HAVING TO DO ANYTHING! I've phone-banked HUNDREDS of HOURS. She hasn't done ANYTHING for Sandres except try to BACK STAB and SABOTAGE HIM.

And now she gets to ACT all "Prog"? Uh-uh. NO WAY. I'm calling on every progressive out there to tell her STOP APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE!

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