Today Obama blew the doors off the immigration debate. In the wake of the Supreme Court Smack-Down on his illegal immigration overreach president Obama declared that not only would he put Americans out of jobs--and he would bring in robots to do it--but he would then cement the dependency of otherwise patriotic Americans by forcing them on to the government dole for their life and livelihood.

"The way I describe it is that, because of automation, because of globalization, we're going to have to examine the social compact, the same way we did early in the 19th century and then again during and after the Great Depression. The notion of Americans working for a living, building things that would be built by the government, exercising their freedom in the economy? That's not the new reality. Look, England was just trusted with a vote and they blew it. You think that couldn't happen in America? It could.

To reach the new century we will need to have workers who don't quit. We'll need a new set of morals for a new era. I happen to believe that Islam is the preferred model and that Saudi Arabia has made massive advances in Worker Robots. These machines can replace American workers in heavy industry, service work, and even health care." The president stifled either a cough or a laugh. "We're going to have a welfare system that is finally equal: everyone is on it and no one is above anyone else."

Experts predict that by 2040 or 2044 most of the jobs Obama has targeted will be gone. They also noted that the importing of Islamic-Branded robots such as the Wahhabi 9000, will only allow Muslim workers to service and build them. The first National Automated Workers are expected to be deployed in 2017 across most of the red-voting states.