THANKS HA GOODMAN. I Made A Fool Of Myself.

So ... this happened. I read a lot of Tumblr and Twitter and I don't always have time to read the whole article or watch the WHOLE video. That's like everyone, I think. Even more, the news has been SO depressing (being stuffed with the Mainstream Media LIES) that I've had to tune it out a bit recently. But there are some people I TRUST. One of these people is HA Goodman.

HA Goodman is a major journalist. He's been on CNN, MSNBC, and he's a senior writer at the Huffington Post. He's also the guy we Sanders supporters listen to when we're feeling down because he's the person who can get through all the disinformation and speak the truth. So I trust him.

And I'm sure he didn't MEAN to fool people when he put up his YouTube yesterday: BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Plans to Endorse Bernie Sanders After Receiving FBI Criminal Indictments

I've been waiting SO LONG for this that, when I saw the tweet with the headline I jumped up and RAN to my roommate who is a big Hillary supporter.

She was washing dishes (It was my day--but I'm behind on my dishes, plus, I'm a bit depressed at not being able to find a job, THANK YOU CAPITALISM) and I rushed in and told her it happened: Hillary was FINALLY going to jail and she had dropped out and ENDORSED SANDERS.

I even asked her if now she'd vote for Sanders . . . or Trump--because she'd be 'SO UPSET.' I didn't mean it in a bad way, but when I told her it was Sanders OR TRUMP for me (to teach the DNC a LESSON, so we can get some REAL CHANGE) she told me I was just saying that because "I was upset."

She didn't even stop washing dishes. She just said "Is it on CNN?"

I got SO mad.

"Of COURSE it's on CNN. THAT'S WHERE I SAW IT." I said this because I KNEW HA Goodman wouldn't LIE and even though the MSM tries to keep all this stuff secret, this news would be TOO BIG to ignore.

So she stopped washing the dishes and went over and turned on the TV to CNN. They were showing the British stuff.

I thought they were just trying to distract, distract, distract--and my roommate was SO SMUG--that I came over to her and said "I'll all be on AFTER this. How about a BET?"

She didn't seem the least bit worried which made me even angrier. I told her if it didn't come on, I'd do the dishes ALL WEEK and clean the bathroom ALL MONTH. She just watched. Like she KNEW she better not bet on this. But she's been SO smug about Hillary that I went "AND I'll take the garbage out. But if I'm wrong, YOU have to."

I just wanted to see her worried--and I think she DID get scared for her precious Hillary because she STILL didn't say anything. So I said "I'm taking the bet for you. Just wait."

CNN went to a commercial. They came back on and then they went to a story on THE WORLD'S BEST PLACE TO SWIM. What the FUCK, CNN.

I watched for THREE HOURS. Then I went and watched the VIDEO: It turns out he was just angry about THE QUESTION Sanders got asked and was MAKING A POINT.

I hope she doesn't think I'm going to DO all those chores MYSELF. It's not my fault I got tricked.