You knew it would eventually catch up with her. Our highly placed sources indicate that the FBI has opened a second--and final--investigation and are just days--maybe hours--from indictment and arrest. This time? It's for murder. The Clintons have long been associated with strings of unusual deaths. Most of these trace back to Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself (Bill's the rapist).

It's been an open secret in Washington DC: You cross her? You die. Now, finally, the FBI has proof. We spoke with FBI Behavioral Analysis expert Harold Teten.

RealTrueNews: "Why has it taken so long for anyone to bring charges?"

Teten: "Well, it's DC. It's all very political. Under Bush there was a general understanding that so long as the Clintons stayed out of politics there would be no man-hunt. It was, a guess, a gentleman's agreement--but Hillary Clinton is no gentleman."

RTN: "You can say that again. What kind of evidence do you have?"

Teten: "I'm not at liberty to comment. I can tell you, though, that what we have is an iron-clad profile--the psychological evaluation that lets us catch criminals."

RTN: "Can you share that with us?"

Teten: "Some. The person we're dealing with is a deep narcissist, a pathological liar, and a con-artist."

RTN: "Sounds like her."

Teten: "Doesn't it? In this case, anyone who is in danger of exposing the subject's weakness--and there are myriad--will be silenced in any way possible. In business this would be legal threats, non-disclosure agreements, and a ton of lawyers. In the political world?"

RTN: "You just have them killed."

Teten: "Yes. But the pathology goes beyond pragmatism. The person we're dealing with here is so thin-skinned that they feel the overwhelming urge to do the job themselves. I would imagine this person, standing out in the Rose Garden with blood glistening on their hands, looking up at the moon and feeling like they are the master of the universe. This is a person who would murder a friend and then have their name up in lights the next day to commemorate it."

RTN: "Like this?"

Teten: "Exactly."

RTN: "Anything else?"

Teten: "Follow the money. Like always. This person will have a lot to hide. Very secretive. They'll delete emails, refuse to release tax returns, and constantly aggrandize their accomplishments. I wouldn't be surprised if the Clintons have commissioned life-sized pictures of themselves to hang about their estates. Well--the Clintons . . . or whoever this person is."

There you have it! I don't know about you--but I can't WAIT to find out!