FINALLY -- Trump Promises "Muscular Response" to Pulse Shooting!

Artist's Rendition of What Bombing ISIS Might Look Like

Liberals blamed the gun, the gayness, and mental health for Ormar Mateen's Orlando nightclub shooting. Finally someone is ready to admit the truth: It's Donald Trump (no surprise!)--and it was a coordinated attack by ISIS. Our sources tell us the Trump campaign is sitting on devastating evidence that several attacks are planned in America!

Former National Security adviser Brent Sowcroft and foreign policy expert for the Trump campaign told us that only Trump can get to the real issue behind the attack (and coming attacks).

RealTrueNews: "You're saying this is like part one of an invasion?"

Sowcroft: "Absolutely--and it's one our administration is willfully blind to."

RTN: "What do you mean?"

S: "Remember the North Carolina Church shooting?"

RTN: "Yes. Dylan Roof?"

S: "Remember how we were told he represented dangerous White National extremists in America? How his religion was blamed? How the Confederate Flag came down?"

RTN: "Yes."

S: "Have you heard anyone talking about taking the ISIS flag down in America?"

RTN: "Not one thing. Nothing from the Oval Office, certainly."

S: "Have you heard anything about Mateen's religion?"

RTN: "That he was Muslim? Yes."

S: "I mean that his religion directed the shootings."

RTN: "We've published that over and over at RealTrueNews. Also on The Angry Patriot, Truth Feed, and The Federalist. Brietbart, the number one web-site in America for news has covered that extensively, as has Fox News--the number one cable news network. Millions of listeners on Talk Radio have heard this as well!"

S: ::looks annoyed::

RTN: "But nothing from the administration OR the Mainstream Media."

S: "Right. Now you're getting it."

RTN: "Got it. So what will Trump do?"

S: "Our military advisers are putting together a full-scale plan for multiple, sustained bombing runs. Coordination with our allies, and economic isolation."

RTN: "So a full military response! Great. Any boots on the ground?"

S: "We don't think the American people want another quagmire like Obama's. We'll do targeted precision carpet bombing to ensure we destroy all of ISIS without undue civilian causalities. Oh, and we'll take their gas when we're done!"

RTN: "America! Fuck yeah!"