Liberal Hypocrisy: Attack Trump For Using a Teleprompter

If there's anything a liberal hates it's having to apply their own standard to themselves. It is common knowledge that Obama, without a teleprompter, is a bumbling fool. Student evaluations of his time "teaching" at Harvard describe him reading directly out of one of the text books for the entire hour or, more often, having a student read from the textbook.

Donald Trump, a master-speaker, is able to give speeches without the aid of teleprompter and so, when he uses one, Liberals should be thrilled: he's using the same crutch that their idol requires (of course Trump doesn't require it!). But what actually happens?

Trump Breaks His Own Rule, Uses Teleprompter. Well, no wonder they call it the Clinton News Network. If Trump were like Obama, off his ghost-written script (Trump never uses a ghost writer--or script writers), he would be off message, off color, and off his rocker!

It'll be great to have a president in the White House who doesn't rely on such crutches! TRUMP 2016!