Last night and early this morning, America's closest ally learned from our history for a change, repudiating the open borders of the European Union and seceding by popular vote of the people! Welcome to FREEDOM, England! Just remember: IT ISN'T FREE!

The Elites Strike Back

Just as 200 years ago, when America declared its independence, it didn't go unchallenged by the crown, last night the elites struck back. Today they no longer use armies and legions of red-coats. No. Today they use the Central Banks. You can see the opening shots in the Continental's war against Ol Blighty!

They crashed the Pound. Obama ordered the market flooded with dollars to out-compete the British Pound Sterling, driving it down.

France and Germany, furious at the display of British sovereignty moved to relocate Syrian refugees to EU dominated neighborhoods in England and the UK, destroying real estate values!

The Federal Reserve moved against British Treasuries, tanking the 10-year yield.


Unlike America, England's money is still based on precious metals (that's why they call it the Pound Sterling). In times of crisis commodities increase in value. Preparing for this day--and other market unrest, England has built up a 310 tonne supply of GOLD.

Unlike America, with her debased fiat (read: imaginary) currency, England's Pound is backed by the real thing! Thus, even as the global elites try to take her down, the value of the gold in her vaults rises. It's like their own shining version of the Minute Men!

We'll outfox those elites yet! Let's set off some fireworks for June 24th!!