The test launch of the الموت لأمريكا (almawt li'amrika) Missile Outside of Terhan

Stunning photos obtained by foreign intelligence show Iran testing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile loaded with an operational thermonuclear warhead. The Obama administration has called the story false, but Israel is on high alert and Saudi Arabia has turned to Moscow for armed support should Iran decide to target them.

The missile, described by British intelligence as having sophisticated guidance and targeting features is named almawt li'amrika by Iran which translates to "Death to America." Our source reported:

"The thing has a re-entry profile of six-times the speed of sound. No anti-missile system can cope with that. It carries a 10-megaton plutonium warhead: that's enough to destroy the entire Washington D.C. area. For them to be operational with this now is an immediate threat to every nation in the west.

I really don't know how we let it get this bad. This is an incredible crisis."

The risks were downplayed by the Obama administration who released a statement saying there was no immediate threat, that Iran, a Muslim nation, wants peace and prosperity, and that relations with between Iran and America have been steadily improving.

For a second opinion, we caught up with Obama's National Security adviser Susan Rice who was packing for a vacation outside her DC Family home.

While she was in constant contact with the White House at the same time she was coordinating moving her family rapidly into an all-terrain sport-utility vehicle packed with food, water, and ammunition, she assured us that concerns were overblown.

"There is no reason for concern," Rice told us. "Obama has everything under control. Our Muslim partners have entered the nuclear community sooner than expected, true--but we assure you there is no threat."

She then entered the vehicle and ordered her driver to "floor it."