In Las Vegas, as the United Kingdom tries to free itself from the European quagmire, a British assassin, Michael Steven Sandford, attempted to wrest a weapon away from a police officer in order wield it against Mr. Trump.

Under interrogation, the assassin admitted his crime and agents within the FBI investigation (speaking on condition of anonymity) suggested that the attack was planned because the REMAIN coalition has identified none other than Donald J. Trump as the inspiration to the British rebels who would leave the European Nanny-Empire.

"Our guy, Trump," said the highly placed agent, "understands that Europe, with its open-bordered Islamic invasion, socialist economy, and Cultural Marxism must be abandoned to save itself. Western civilization in Europe is pretty much gone but the clutches of the English elite want to hang on to the continent."

"The assassin was likely sent by the Queen who realizes that Trump is the motive engine behind England freeing itself. We assume that she reckoned that with him dead, the colonial powers could retain their hold over the UK."

"Fortunately, he failed. Once again, the Crown has lost against American power."

The British vote for FREEDOM is scheduled for Thursday.


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