Muslims Invade American City. Sharia Law Installed.

Over the rooftops of the once quite town of Hamtramck Michigan, the Adhan, the Muslim Call to Prayer, echoes across the town. It blares for three minutes at maximum volume from a closed auto-plant that once employed two thousand American workers. Today, Americans are hardly seen. Those who have been allowed to leave, have left. Others huddle inside their homes.

"The schools teach the Koran," said Stacy Miller, aged 71. "And why not? The only people who attend them are pretty much Muslim." We see them out on the streets in the morning and at night. If you're a woman out alone they'll stop you. It can get scary."

Miller said she wears a full-body coverage burka to go food shopping after a frightening run-in with some of the "religious police."

Ever since 2013, when Muslims took over the city council, the changes have been coming faster and faster. They changed the noise ordinances to allow the Call-to-Prayer, created Muslim only pools and playgrounds, and fired teaching staff who were unwilling to teach Islamic philosophy. Recently, however, the town's chief magistrate, Aabadhua al-Haram, instituted Sharia law. He spoke with us following a case where a man was sentenced to 12 lashes in the town square for the consumption of food during the holy month of Ramadan.

"We are applying the law as we would in our homelands," he said. "Islam does not recognize the United States government--but it does recognize freedom of religion. We are allowed to do as we like. It is in your Constitution."

When told that was actually not the case, and the Constitution expressly forbid such a sentence, he merely shrugged.

"Your president is a Muslim. Soon there will be a mosque on the Ground Zero. Then there will be Sharia law across the land and a glorious new age will be upon us."

After some difficulty, we reached Governor Rick Snyder in Lansing Michigan and asked about Hamtramck.

"We can't--" he told us, "look. I've tried. We can't do anything. Obama has expressly forbidden me to use the National Guard and I'm so tied up with this Flint-water thing that we just can't--look, if you're in Hamtramck? and you're not Muslim? I suggest you get out. That's all I can do. I have to go."

At last report, several busloads of refugees were being moved in to "training facilities" in the abandoned National Guard Armory. The press release, printed in Arabic and English, claimed that the Syrian refugees would be trained in the American ways and cultures and would be receiving physical fitness, survivalist, and other highly desired skills instruction.