ISIS Troops Celebrate Victory Outside Round Top, TX

Last night on FOX News, Wayne La Pierre, head of the NRA came to us with a warning: "They're coming." You might have taken that as speculation or exaggeration--but Wayne La Pierre is a patriot who speaks the TRUTH. It was a coded message: They're Coming RIGHT NOW. GET. YOUR. GUNS.

Streaming across the open Southern border and linking with units already inside the United States, ISIS forces captured Round Top Texas as their primary base of operations. According to witnesses on the ground they are heavily armed with American weapons. Humvees, heavy machine guns, and even rockets and helicopters.

Slaughtering or converting everyone in their path, our intelligence analysts suggests that the entire southern boarder was stood down--ordered not to engage--and to leave their posts with all material left behind.

Our source explained: "Obama tried to ban guns. We barely stopped him. Now he's done it--he's finally shown his true colors and opening the flood-gates. There's a complete media blackout. The idea is that everything is normal until ISIS gets to your town. Then the killing starts."

When asked if the American forces could stand against ISIS, our insider said "Who do you think created them? Armed them? Hell, trained them. Who gave Iran 150 billion dollars and a green-light on their nuclear program? Stop them? We are them."

Our initial reports were dire: After leaving the Fox News headquarters, Mr. La Pierre's personal helicopter came under fire from militant forces and was shot down, all believed lost. Sources, however, received a transmission that La Pierre was still alive, heavily armed, and ready to fight.

"Apparently his AR-15's strap caught on a tree-branch as he leaped from the crashing helicopter," said a witness. "It slowed his fall enough to leave him with only minor injuries. If he hadn't had that, he'd be dead."

Although Pierre is, at this time, alive, our sources indicated that ISIS is on the move and has a great deal of help. Reports of vehicles bearing United Nations and Canadian colors are streaming across our open borders to the north. Groups of anarchists, atheists, and communists have answered a call in the east and the west and are converging to assist ISIS in the fight.

Most disturbing is that apparently President Barack Hussein Obama has released the nuclear codes for a cluster of 1-10 Megaton thermonuclear weapons in the mid-west. The battle map our intelligence provides looks like this:

Get everyone you can. Get your weapons--and get ready. IT'S HAPPENING NOW.

FLASH - ADDENDUM - FLASH: Apparently our initial reports may have been exaggerated. We are currently examining the possibility that there are, in fact, no ISIS troops operating with impunity within the US at this time. Wayne La Pierre is reportedly alive, was not attacked, and does not own a personal helicopter. RealTrueNews regrets the error.

Don't let your guard down, though. We're still monitoring this!