Obama Orders Special Forces To Infiltrate Homes, Seize / Steal Guns!

Obama will stop at nothing to take guns from American citizens. Having been frustrated at every turn by the Constitution, he has finally taken the step of issuing a special Executive Order to United States Special Forces. Although the order is classified, sources inside the Pentagon familiar with it explained the following:

"It divides the US into 9 sectors or 'districts.' Inside them, think of the area as a grid. We've been compiling a database of gun-owners since the NSA hacked the NRA's mailing list--so we have a pretty good idea. Combine that with concealed carry permits and other registrations? We have isolated gun-owners, especially Republican voting gun owners or those with more than one weapon."

The source continued: "AR-15's or other 'assault weapons' are high on the list but they're going after anything that could be considered valuable."

Within that grid, on a timetable set by the administration and compliant military commanders (Obama has fired all non-compliant generals)--but definitely set to happen before the November elections, Special Forces teams will be dispatched to clandestinely enter homes, locate weapons, and simply remove them.

Our source explained: "Stealing the guns--literally grabbing them--means he doesn't have to try to explain his way around 'Will Not Be Infringed.' All he has to do is just have weapons stolen and that's that. Gun owners will know they've been robbed but by the time they put this together it'll be way too late. These guys are good. They can disable and jam alarm systems, effect entry through skylights, and move silently. They have great night-vision and operational discipline. Gun owners don't stand a chance."

When asked if he felt this was a legal order, our source told us: "After Obamacare that all went out the window. I mean, he put gays in the military. He let Hillary order a stand-down at Benghazi. We sold guns to Mexico, weaponized the IRS? At this point I'd be surprised if he issued a legal order."

We will keep investigating and reporting as this disturbing story develops.