OUTRAGE: Obama Declares Himself 'The New Reagan'

In a private meeting with donors, Obama told the crowd that he would be remembered as a superior president to Ronald Reagan and would "break the hold" that Reagan had on the American psyche. Hidden audio revealed the following statements those in the Mainstream Media would barely believe (but you won't be surprised at):

"Where Reagan brought us arrogance," Obama said, "I will bring us some humility. Where Reagan created prosperity for the rich, I will be remembered as bringing equality for the poor. Where Reagan thought to show strength, I will show our human-side."

The crowd, mostly wealthy Hollywood celebrities and heads of journalist companies, cheered. Barack Hussein Obama continued:

"When Kadaffi, allegedly, planned and executed the bombing of a jet-liner, Reagan, like a lone-wolf, dispatched fighter planes without the passing the World Test. When Kadaffi, again, was drawn into conflict, I collaborated with our Islamic allies, before taking action. Where Reagan stood firm when our barracks were bombed in Lebanon, refusing to leave and taking direct, aggressive, and immediate action against Iran who planned the bombing, I have not been hesitant to disentangle ourselves from Iraq, from Afghanistan, and everywhere else America projects her power."

"Reagan ordered more ships, war-planes, and nuclear weapons. I have reduced all three. Soon America will be an equal neighbor to the other worldly powers. Soon America will be a partner rather than an overlord."

"America," Barack Hussein Obama finished, "Is not a shining city on a hill. America is a plot of land, stolen from the indigenous people, that must--and will--finally meet with reality."

Please share this everywhere. We need to ensure that Obama's true intentions are known. There's no way the media will report this--but as Barack Hussein Obama's popularity numbers reach a historic low, he has decided that the only way to salvage his legacy is to pull Ronald Reagan down.