Facing a surge of "illegal entrants" a defiant Obama ordered the federal Commission of Fine Arts to approve a higher and "more secure" White House Wall. Obama spoke in the Rose Garden and cited "civilian unrest" and "people who would do Michelle and my family harm" as the reasons for the necessity of a 34 million dollar opaque barrier to the public building.

"This is my house," an angry Obama told the press corps, "If that's what it takes to keep people out, that's what we'll do. WHATEVER it takes."

He also announced that the lighting used to announce the Supreme Court's adoption of gay marriage would become the permanent lighting design for the White House--not just for his administration, but for every one to come.

Then he, and his armed security, retreated behind bullet-proof barriers.

The first phase of the building will address the White House. The second will replace the fencing around the neighboring Treasury Building and Eisenhower Executive Office Building.