Obama Assigns Actual Terrorist to Counter-Terror Task Force

We compare a leaked Female Jihadi to the DHS Personnel Photo: IDENTICAL

In a move liberal media pundits describe as "inexplicable" (maybe, uh, they should watch the news more?), President Barack Hussein Obama has personally assigned Laila Alawa, a radical Islamist, to the Department of Homeland Security's Countering Violent Extremism Task Force.This move, made by executive decision, has destroyed the task force's ability to operate.

"I support the Commander in Chief, of course," said Secretary of DHS Jeh Johnson, "but this--now it seems like the bad guys are always one step ahead of us."I mean, we had Noor Salman (the wife of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen) under surveillance and were about to bring her in for critical intelligence and suddenly she went missing."

"We got all kinds of calls from gun dealers, Disney World Security, and local Orlando police--but Alawa reviewed them for 'Culture Bias' and just rejected all of them. Our hands were tied."

According to closely placed insiders, Alwaya is "constantly on her phone" at the meetings and they are prohibited from excluding her--or viewing her call logs.

"We've pulled some data," said our anonymous source. "We've got calls to Iran. To Pakistan. Saudi Arabia--right as we're talking. It's nuts. It's like a direct hotline to the bad guys. Obama must know what he's doing but I sure can't figure it out."

We can. What you see above is the photograph on the DHS Website and the restricted DHS File that Obama has suppressed. It's clearly the same person. Does Obama think he can fool us?? Below are Alwaya's tweets about 9/11.