Destruction of Information

NOTE: We have received these files from someone calling themselves PROJEKT PYRAMID. They come through an encrypted email channel with very specific instructions. We do not vouch for any of this information, nor do we have a handle on who Projekt Pyramid is. We are publishing this anyway. Footnotes below from our investigation.

-- BEGIN TRANSMISSION -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THESIS: A=A. Underlying bedrock truth. Truth-Claim. Scientific Method.

ANTITHESIS: Narrative. Deep State. Deep Event. Thought Management. Alligator Control.

SYNTHESIS: Media storm. Friendly Intelligence. ALL FLAGS FALSE. A != A. Damage.

PART 1: The Undermining of Academia

A human lifespan naturally ranges from 50-100 years. The amount of data that can be assimilated in that time is approx. 1.78x10^9 bits. THEREFORE: The evolution of human knowledge relies on academia. The University is the component building block of human evolution.

Parties seeking to PREVENT the evolution of human knowledge must first undermine the University Structure.

PART 2: The Not-Lie. Depth In Shallow Events

The way to operate below the academic level is to create KEY-WORD: DEEP EVENTS. DEEP EVENTS are events that have layers of truth and manipulation below the level of sight/media attention. Understanding of the event is handled as THESIS for the targeted populations and ANTITHESIS for the deep agencies that direct them.

EXAMPLE: Mass Causality Event.

THESIS: Single-Shooter. Numerous civilian causalities. Police Response: Active-Shooter kill/suicide. Mourning.

ANTITHESIS: Multiple operatives. Limited civilian causalities. Symbolic "drill." Media symbolism. Trauma-Theater.

PART 3: Isolate Disruptive Agents

To achieve synthesis, the thesis must be absolutely unquestioned and become part of the societal narrative at a textual and subtextual level. It is vial to remove, isolate, destroy any agency or individual who questions the Thesis or reveals the Antithesis. This is especially dangerous in academia,


-- END TRANSMISSION -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



We received, along with this (and other data) through secure encryption, explicit descriptions about how to handle and display the files which we have followed to the limits of our ability and the capabilities of the blogging tool. The picture above was included without explanation.

Our investigation of it disturbs us. Without going into the image itself which we would prefer not to do, we did discover Steganographic data hidden in the image and a "password" that was worked into the materials in a concealed fashion.

The password was "HelloWorld" (contained as an acrostic in the sentences and sentence fragments provided). The data payload was a PGP Public key:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0

mQENBFdl93ABCACH/lSgGy9f3fHH7qHRbmjkrqD6sBLPYPZiBCRumV9KY9A7i2QO y2Ya9WUxEdYfOVXTbE71d1fCTxaOL/kIxJy0qiHvE0v/raBNVJa9o5lbWtkpXZYt PYNDhI7x1S95ImLk/QC5EE0nQ7PypqL0SKz/rv+SypEgmtPAOdmWKwrMa3Wrdq4A /Ip+KQEyW6iHkSilZ6Fyxf5X18JtG6nz90Jhr2ARXu2O8khk5BH7WuHRav9uGE/H r7Uf/g9I+RFN5PRK221MsfgCC8LEMWDZDSBudkWar388oE61Gbd+fbTYO1skPXtf 2uzzj+W+5QJ1EpjNasG2W2iVs42dIxrZUrS1ABEBAAG0GXJlYWx0cnVlbmV3c0B0 dXRhbm90YS5jb22JARwEEAECAAYFAldl93AACgkQJlBHLJrTghV82Af/d3532Sx0 LYBPsiy1hcER6cH0H0nnvruY8xu3Y1dIg1qkLgL2X2YhsnFytrbV5pa9e3ScSW5D rTbfLXATvIvo2EXSYA/hjZIptZdiN+QmbR3vKd1jRtfI6qCyuVXgWXh8iqPDYg5d IZIO949dqZQDXrbWRPwLU5XXrw5Hr2Q0Jg4Yp7GMOswsM0hE3Cojhiq76JoffEZi ZASRAPJgDaQPMVyXS6LMQ06ZRyLlZWJjQOG/uQei2K6cDky9u9gFnUVtGi0a6beH CBTDu+3RzVEiO+ddqQE4OJune/jGh38I3NkEtz+sIK5hEaET3YJXzYB2tVF0nJDv wrUHF+V55lgSxQ== =i6It -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

We used the government-strength steganography tool OpenPuff, which is powerful and free. The encrypted email service Pyramid uses is Tutanota. The measure of how much data a human can hold seems to come from some analysis like this paper here. The modifications to the GREAT SEAL on the dollar bill are from the nonsense "Latin" that is used for page-layout. We think.