Super Delegates: Legalized Corruption

My roommate is an intelligent person. She can read. She can reason. She can write computer code. There is no reason for her to be blind as to what's really going on, but she is. It isn't willful. Sure, she's self-centered. A little selfish. She has NO spiritual side--like most people my age. All she wants to do is go to her job, hang out with friends, chat on the computer. Like that.

But she also thinks she's a progressive.

She even says so.

And she says she's voting for Hillary.

Do you see the problem there?

When I ask her what being a "progressive" means to her, she says things like empowering women. Saving the planet. Helping out the poor. She can read the list she's been given (she doesn't say 'income inequality' which would be funny because I'm unemployed and she makes a salary that should be illegal. Literally).

And she's voting for Hillary.

Do you see the PROBLEM?

The reason (some) people of my generation (thankfully not that many--but LOTS more in the older people) can think that is because they've created an illusion--a virtual reality--where being a progressive can mean voting for corruption. It can mean voting for fracking and oil drilling. It can mean voting for Wall Street.

This "virtual reality" is created by TV. By the Internet. It's created by people in power to stop us from seeing the contradictions that are everywhere.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician who could make people TAKE THE GLASSES OFF. Once you do that? Then you see everything for what it really is. Once you see that? It spreads. It spreads like a plant growing, which is what happened. It turned into a movement--and we were winning. In fact? By any legitimate count of the voting? WE WON.

But they had something in place to steal it if anyone was to ever wake up. They had the SUPER DELEGATES.

These shadowy people are unelected, unaccountable, and un-Democratic. They are people who can be king-or-queen makers who do not follow the will of the people. These "Super Delegates" exist because once THE PEOPLE chose a candidate the establishment didn't like and so they made sure THAT would never happen again.

We ARE the people so WE ARE the Democratic Party. They didn't like that so they made sure THIS TIME most of us COULDN'T VOTE. They knew that young people, not familiar with the system, wouldn't know how to SIGN THE RIGHT PAPERS at the RIGHT TIME to get to vote (if you read about Jim Crow laws in school, this sounds real familiar and anyone who knows their history knows JIM CROW was a DEMOCRAT).

Even before Bernie even started running ALL the Super Delegates came out and said "It's going to be Hillary. We want Hillary." They said "Your vote doesn't count."

Then the Media HAD to report that Hillary was umpteen billion delegates ahead and Bernie could NEVER EVER catch up. That was before the election even started. This was before ANYONE voted.

THAT is CORRUPTION. That's like a race where one person--the slower person--gets to START AT THE FINISH LIKE because the JUDGES say "Oh, we want you to win--but we'll still have a starting-gun because we want the people asleep in the stands to THINK there was a race." Certainly Hillary BRIBED a lot of them, The others are just old people who grew up in a time when young people didn't come out to vote so they thought that WITHOUT EVER SEEING A POLL Bernie couldn't win anything.

We showed them they were WRONG--but they were ALREADY BOUGHT.

Super. Delegates. There was a reason I wasn't a member of the DEMOCRATIC party and there's a reason I NEVER WILL BE. It ISN'T DEMOCRATIC.

When I try to explain this to my roommate who is young enough to know better, she just shrugs and says "I'm pretty sure that the rules say they can choose whoever they want." And she says that "Bernie would probably lose and they know it."

Like she can read computer code all DAY LONG and get paid MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY for it (while I'M UNEMPLOYED)--but she can't read a poll?