Disturbed by the Federal Government and the Obama administration's unlawful action to abolish the Second Amendment and seize weapons from their owners, Ron Paul issued a 'Call To Arms' on his Ron Paul Report. Dressed in militarized apparel and having changed his "Dove" icon for crossed assault rifles, Ron Paul directed his followers to assemble, prepare, and march on the White House to relieve the fraudulent Commander In Chief.

Reports of gunfire and explosions from the White House could not be confirmed immediately--but attempts to check in with the D.C. area police indicated that the attack, while possibly immanent, is not yet underway.

"We haven't heard anything," said Cathy Lynn Lanier, D.C. Chief of Police. "There were some protesters and we had some calls--but right now it's calm."

Maybe . . . too calm. We asked her if the people outside the White House appeared to be Ron Paul supporters. She agreed it could be true.

"We've had the usual hygiene complaints and they're waving a lot of strange flags. Someone drunk and trying to climb over the fence. Lots of people trying to pirate WI-FI--and marijuana. A couple of busts for that. It sure could be them."

Speaking to Chris Rossini of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, he assured us that the Revolution was underway and that patriots were streaming towards Washington.

"The country has been on the edge for eight years," he said, "and Obama has finally pushed it off. They kept saying 'Gun Control' when what they meant was 'Patriot Control.' We--and the American people--We, The People, will no longer put up with that. No sir."

When asked about his plans, he said there were large scale tactical mobilizations with the help of "highly placed" generals in the Army, Marines, and Navy (he explained that the Constitution does not explicitly allow funding for an Air Force, which would be disbanded). Their goals are:

  1. Removal of the Illegal Obama Administration - by force if necessary.

  2. Trial and execution by hanging for politicians convicted of treason against the Constitution.

  3. A large DC Area barbecue with catering provided by local-area merchants.