Obama's Diplomats Plead: Stop Sending US Servicemen to Syrian Dictator

You knew Obama was a monster--but you really had no idea how far he'd go. Yesterday we learned that 51 of Obama's handpicked ambassadors used the supposedly secret "dissent channel" to try, desperately, to get a message to Obama: STOP SENDING US SERVICEMEN AS SLAVES TO BASHAR AL-ASSAD, THE DICTATOR OF SYRIA.

They had already begged him to stop supplying arms, cash, and narcotics (through illegal back-channels)--but the administration's program of creating "training accidents" and then sending the "killed off" men and women to Syria to fight as slaves for the regime finally pushed it too far.

This picture shows US personnel newly arrived in Syria being prepared for "indoctrination" and being fitted with explosive devices to ensure loyalty. Is there no length to which Barack Hussein Obama will not sink? Let's hope we never find anything lower than this!