Media Tail-Spin: Obama Orders "HIDE TRUMP LANDSLIDE"

We've known that the Democrats and The Media use polls to manipulate public opinion for some time. Now, facing the reality of a Trump Landslide they have been ordered to pull out all stops to control the narrative--the narrative being that Hillary CAN'T LOSE. Of course the way the do it is by creating imaginary Democrats--tons of them:

In the unweighted sample of registered voters, the relative percentage by party was 29% Republicans and 35% Democrats.

So, during the weighting process, the poll increased the Democrat-Republican spread from 6% to 7%. This relative weighting should have been headed in the other direction.

The American Thinker isn't the only one to notice the strategy: The Daily Mail is on to it as well:

Hillary Clinton has opened up a 7-point lead over Donald Trump in an online poll that seems to reflect a 'bounce' for the former secretary of state after she wrapped up the Democratic nomination last week.

But the weekly tracking poll, from NBC News and the Surveymonkey company, included the opinions of 7 per cent more self-identified Democrats than Republicans – the same margin as the poll's topline result.

That raises questions about the 49-42 result.

In fact, when we look at the internals of Huffington Pollster's "aggregate of polls" (which liberal Nate Silver is the most accurate predictor of the election) and we use the REAL totals of Democrats and Republicans instead of the "adjusted values" we find it actually looks like this:



The way to win the election is to win the narrative. That's why they're putting all the effort and subterfuge into manipulating the polling to begin with. They set the numbers, the media tells the story, the people eat it up. Do you remember all the dancing and sneering from the last presidential elections from the Left? That's part of the process: demoralize, degrade, and defeat.

We can do that too. This cycle we HAVE to. Spread the word. This post. The American Thinker post. The Trump Landslide Link. Spread that around EVERYWHERE. Start telling Hillary voters, Democrats, and other seditionists to get ready for the TRUMP VICTORY. Spread the narrative: TRUMP LANDSLIDE.

Be a Happy Warrior and be in their faces. America, she is counting on you.