Why We Need You, Bernie

I'm going to take a moment here to break away from the horror of what Hillary and the DNC may have done to Bernie Sanders to talk about why we NEED him. Why we NEED Socialism. Why we NEED it NOW. Let me explain how I live:

I grew up, like most of us, unaware of my white privilege. My parents are in the hyper-wealthy economic zone that Amerika calls "Middle Class." They can afford two cars. They have TV. Health Care. They could afford my college education: They are taking valuable resources from the NEEDY.

I didn't know it then, but I know it now.

When I graduated college (six years for my Associates of Feminist Studies) my eyes were opened to how the Real World treats people: like food in a grinder. You are worth EXACTLY the value of your ingredients. Take my roommate (which I need, because disability isn't nearly enough for me to live where I live).

She is two years older than me, works in a cubicle sweat-shop as a computer programmer, eats meat, obeys the patriarchy (wears makeup, skirts, wakes up when the alarm-clock and her manager demands it), and then spends her nights anesthetizing her mind watching TV, chatting on her smart-phone (addicted), or drugging herself going out with friends to drink $10.00 cocktails in male-gaze bars.

For being a good little worker, having NOTHING to do with her value AS A PERSON, she is paid a ridiculous amount of money. She has FAR more than she NEEDS because she is supporting the patriarchy.

Does she have any sense of the injustice of this? Of the way her world divides us by classes? No.

Blinded By The Establishment

Rather than having a sense of sisterhood, or even person-hood, she is, instead a selfish capitalistic, mind-numbed wage-slave who doesn't even realize her own servitude. For example:

  1. When I used a tiny amount of her peanut butter, it became a capital crime--I had "taken" what was HER's. Never mind that I was hungry and do not make enough to buy all the things I need.

  2. BORROWING fabric softener--a couple of sheets--on my laundry day was TAKING. I give back more than I take but apparently my contributions (helping steer her towards greater personal growth) don't count.

  3. She is bought in to the patriarchal money-machine. Is there a blockbuster film? She has to go see it. Jewelry (over-priced minerals stolen from Mother Earth?): she has to wear it. Foreign-slave built electronics? Gotta have the latest.

  4. She takes the master bedroom in our apartment because 'she pays more of the rent.' There is NO sense of equality in our living-space. I suggested we could rotate each six months but she felt moving the furniture was too much trouble.

When my laptop broke she "deigned" to give me her old one while running out (immediately) to buy the newest, most powerful one on the market (one made by suicidal factory drones in China). The one I got had a dirty keyboard, takes 3 minutes to load, and runs Windows.

Never mind that I do socially-affirming progressive activism online and she mostly surfs the web looking at fucking CAT pictures (nothing wrong with cats--but could she be doing something spiritually or ethically enlightened? Are CAT pictures more important than the entire female struggle??).

Why We Need Socialism NOW

Sanders would have changed all of this. People who need peanut butter or fabric softener would have it, even if they didn't have the "patriarchal capital" to trade for it (today we literally have to sell our bodies for these things). Under a proper socialist democracy:

  • My social justice work would be as highly, or more highly prized than my roommate's computer work.

  • We would reject Hype and replace it with Hope: there would be social mobility for EVERYONE, regardless of what 'contribution' could be squeezed out of them.

  • The tyranny of the time-clock, the boss-person overseer, and the landlord would be broken.

  • Provisions would be made for our natural rights to internet access, music (how can any person "own sound??"), and enjoyment of life (movies, books, free-parks and open spaces, etc.)

  • Our political process would finally be inclusive. More than just patriarchal cis-het-white-men, EVERYONE would get a say in the direction and actions of our potentially world-murdering super-power. LGBT voices would be equally prized. Female voices would be equally prized. Ideas like violence, the hoarding of wealth, and racist/ablist/bigoted hate-speech would be rightly made illegal.

I haven't lost hope. They're still finding more hidden Sanders ballots in California. The Sanders candidate--whoever he is--has vowed to fight to the convention and has not endorsed sHillary. We can still win this. We can take the country and bring it to the level of equality it (and I) deserve.