Hacked Oppo-Leak: 'Trump Is BULLET PROOF'

A report that Russian hackers have penetrated the DNC's servers (which were certainly more secure than Hillary's secret server) and stolen their secret documents and donor list is breaking news. What we've learned going through the material that was released online is this:

  1. The Democrats Haven't Got A Clue As To How To Stop Trump.

  2. Their Donor List Would Make Stalin Blush.


The major takeaway from over 200 pages of Donald Trump "Opposition Research" is that the Democrat's planned weapon--Social Justice and his 'Oppressive, Politically Incorrect speech' is useless against him. They're in a tail-spin. Quote:

Gaffes that should have destroyed [Trump] have just served to make him stronger. We've hit him with the racist. We've hit him with the sexist. While traditionally Democratic voters respond well to these classic attacks, run-of-the-mill non-partisans react badly to the accusations. In focus groups we have heard comments such as:

"We're all thinking that, I guess--so are we all racists?" (48 yr old Iowa woman)

"What do you mean [Judge Curiel] isn't Mexican? Just look at him. That's some bulls***t." (31 yr old Nebraska man)

"I've been hearing people call everyone racist for years. I remember the Boy Who Cried Wolf. This sounds like a load of wolf-s**t." (63 yr old black male, Indiana)

"I don't think this is . . . can I get in trouble for saying this? I don't think--there are a lot of women who LIKE it when a man takes charge. Is it disrespectful? It can be, I guess. I guess it is. But a lot of us, we like it. I guess it's not okay to say that today. Can we--could we take that off?" (29 year old woman, Georgia)

The document continues:

The 'Dealer Busts' scenario may be upon us. We are in uncharted waters. Our hope has to be that Hillary's condition remains stable and a secular miracle.

The 'Dealer Busts' scenario is a Democrat war-games condition where cards: the Race Card and the Woman Card are totally played out--played too often (the Bust is a reference to the game Black Jack where playing one-too-many cards loses you the game!). Facing this, it's clear they are seeing the end of their party.


If you've wondered who donates to the Democrats, wonder no more. It's a lot of people you'd expect : almost all of Hollywood, the heads of CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC News. But also Google, Oracle, and Microsoft. None of that is surprising. Here's what is:

  • Justin Trudeau - The Leftist Prime Minister of Canada gave 2.3 Million dollars to defeat Trump (illegal)

  • Bashar Assad - The Syrian dictator wants to keep Democrats in power. The documents showed that he funneled 1.1 Million petro-dollars to the DNC (highly illegal).

  • Vladimir Putin - The last thing he wants is someone in the White House that'll stand up to him. He only donated 50k but that's still a lot.

  • Ali Khamenei - The supreme leader of Iran (1.2 Million). I guess if he likes his nukes, he can keep his nukes.

  • The Ku Klux Klan - You heard they were all Republicans, didn't you. Turns out they are, and always have been, long-time donors to the Democratic party. They donated 28k this cycle with notes about screening the money through Planned Parenthood.

  • Dentist Walter Palmer - You may have remembered him from shooting Cicil The Lion? He's a Democrat and a Democratic donor (he gave 137.73 USD).

We'd be sure charges would be filed shortly due to the illegal donations--but then we remembered that only applies to Republicans.