As Trump Rises: Obama Plans To Seize Power

Trump dominates Hillary in the polling and that's making some very powerful people very nervous. Specifically, Barack Obama and the Democrat machine. Seeing the loss of their power, dynasty, and control, Obama is taking steps to try to stop it. Stop what? The November elections.

It's not like this hasn't been in the planning stages: Obama has enough on Hillary to "run her." That was the terms of her surrender in '08. The problem is that he can't run Trump. No one can run Trump (although Mitt and his donor network sure are trying). So what does he do? Well, Obama has a not-so-secret weapon: young Social Justice Activists.

We've see a two-prong test-fire in real-time. The first is organized protests at Trump rallies. Trump is determined. His people are determined. They've still managed to shut down several of them, run conservative speakers off of campuses, and pretty much exercise what my informant's tell me is referred to as "theater control."

The second prong is the "legitimate glove" to go over the "Iron Fist." That's the actual Social Justice Warriors--or, if you want the real name for it--The Obama Youth Brigades. These

This is an early picture (the GIVE program back in 2009) which created an atheist youth-squad paid for with tax-payer money. Since then, with the help of Common Core and liberal friends in higher education, he's managed to grow up an actual Youth Brigade which is indoctrinated in the philosophy of Social Justice. You can see them now in the form of the University of Colorado's Bias Response Team.This is an unaccountable student organization that has real power over anyone they accuse of "displaying bias" (which is anything other than Leftist thinking).

These images show how offenders will be made to hold up signs displaying their offense. That's the MINIMUM penalty. I swear the "Sparrows" on Game of Thrones are based on these people.


Keep in mind what Obama is: the people growing up in our universities become our leaders. Obama's batch of young, starry-eyed radicals is ready to hatch just in time for HB 11212. This is going to be pushed through in the wake of the Orlando shooting and will make it possible to bring criminal penalties against someone for "micro-aggressions."

The throng of Obama's Social Justice Warriors will be out on the street writing Bias Tickets into the summer. That's going to terrify people. Public humiliation is a powerful psychological tool, breaking the subject and terrorizing everyone else.

By the time the election rolls around, what do you think this will do to turn-out?

Yeah, I think so too.