What Happened In The Sanders-Hillary Meeting??

They met at the Capitol Hilton not far from the White House. Maybe someone got word to Sanders because he brought his campaign manager with him. I hope he was armed. I'm on staff as a paid "activist" (agitator) but none of us--no one under forty--was allowed inside the dual-rings of security (carefully chosen secret service for the outer ring. Private security with patches I didn't recognize from the inner-ring).

I knew what the plan was though: Hillary has a body-double ready to go--to step in--over, literally, Sander's dead body. They replaced the carpeting in the secure ball room with something that could be easily rolled up and was liquid proof.

They blacked the cameras.

I watched them, after the meeting, remove a body. I could see the white hair. It was the right size. They were taking it to the acid pools to be dissolved but I don't know which it was. Sanders got out. Jeff Weaver did too (but he was injured--limping badly).

I know Bobby Mook is trained to kill with his hands. I don't know which Sanders died. I'm not sure if the one out there now is real.

He's pledging to fight on but I don't know what to believe. If anyone has any information, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me. And watch Sanders closely: if he is the real Sanders, I'm sure he saw things in there that would have terrified him. He's brave--but he's only human.


I think they may have ALREADY replaced Elizabeth Warren. I know that was in the works too.

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