Wahhabi Kill Team Stalks Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos, a British, gay, anti-SJW asset in the culture wars just became the #1 target for a Saudi hit-team operating inside America with Obama and Hillary's consent. How come? It's like this: Milo points out that The Left chose Islam over gays and the result was fifty people murdered in an Orlando gay night-club.

Milo's followers on Twitter allow him to spread his word far, wide, and effectively. As he headed to Orlando to give a speech at ground zero, Twitter--which is now owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal decided to limit the damage Milo could do by banning him. Fortunately, thousands and thousands of American Twitter users (but no free-speech SJW's) weren't taking that lying down.

After massive backlash, Twitter had no choice but to reinstate Milo and let his speech go forward.

This is a speech that will cleave the Democratic coalition in half as they realize that the Left's love of Islam has led it to betray its core followers to the death!

Ever since high level members of the Saudi government fled the US following 9/11, they left behind "operational teams." These are Saudi special forces who were put in place to "continue to look after The Kingdom's business." Clandestine under George W. Bush, they were actually welcomed by Obama, seeking a "more friendly" relationship with the oil rich nation.

Now we have word that these teams have been activated. The White House, furious over Yiannopoulous' refusal to bow to Political Correctness and unwilling to act as "gays should" has been 'Green-lit' meaning the team of assassins are allowed--with diplomatic immunity--to terminate him.

We can only hope someone in state-level law-enforcement will step in before it is too late to prevent this tragedy!