La Raza Re-Activates Senate "Sleeper-Agent" Mind-Controlled Candidate Rubio

Junior Senator and failed presidential candidate Marco Rubio has announced that he may run for Senate again. Normally this would just be a sure-to-fail venture, but we have learned that Rubio is a "Manchurian Candidate" created and "programmed" by the racist-nationalist Latino group 'La Raza.'

La Raza is attempting to undermine American Sovereignty, return vast tracts of land to Mexico, and dethrone English as the predominant North American language. To do this they need friends in the Presidency (done: Hillary). They need weakness at the border (Done: Obama). The problem is Congress--they need help in the House and Senate.

Enter 'Robio.' What we all saw in the Rubio-Glitch moment during the debate was what Military Psy-Ops experts call a "black-out loop" (familiar with people who are black-out drunk and can function, but repeat themselves over and over as their long-term memory is no longer 'recording.').

Rubio was targeted early on for his charisma, programmed, and groomed to be a false Tea Party candidate who then was "targeted" to make his play with the Open-Boarders 'Gang of Eight' bill that was barely defeated. La Raza has been under-fire since Trump has risen up and, although they counted "Project Robio" as a loss, as Trump rises in the polls, they have re-activated their sleeper-agent.

Expect Robio to run again and expect La Raza to use every dirty trick in the books to elect him!