Hillary Sold Passport Printing Machines to ISIS for Clinton Foundation Donation

As Barack Hissein Obama tries to pretend he cares about terror attacks, new leaks reveal something even more monstrous: Hillary sold an Imprint TX-11 Dye Sublimation printers--with special materials only available to the United States Government to ISIS for 713k in donations made through Dubai to the Clinton Foundation.

It also came with 1000's of blank passports. These are government grade and have all the seals, holograms, and other hidden security measures necessary to pass customs inspections. Will Hillary go to jail for this?

It turns out? No. Whereas Eric Holder might have been willing to bring charges against Clinton (he was a Barack loyalist but hated Hillary), the new AG Loretta Lynch has flat out refused to bring charges. The reason? Our inside source tells us? Gender. Hillary is to be crowned the first FEMALE president of the United States and Lynch, also a woman (at least for today--isn't that how it works?) has said she will let nothing interfere with that "historic" achievement.