I always assumed that Obama refused to say the words "Radical Islam" in response to radical Islamic terror because (a) he sympathizes with them, (b) he wants to annoy conservatives and other real Americans, and (c) he's signaling to the Left that he sides with Islam--all Islam--radical or whatever over American bodies.

It turns out? The reality is worse.

Islamic Mysticism And Never Naming Your Master

Obama grew up in an Islamic madras school overseas. He was raised there by his Left-activist mother and a revolving door of black-Islamic-activist father figures. During that time he received training in the Koran as well as Islamic Mysticism. This is an arcane element of Islam you don't hear much about today even though it is very much alive. Muslims believe in black magic, demons, Jinn, and curses as much as they believe in Allah. You can see plenty of mainstream religious discussion of hexes, jinn, and so on in Islamic circles.

However, when you dig deep into this, you learn a ritual called the Binding of The 'Ifrit--a spell that (allegedly) King Sulaiman (Solomon) used to bind a shayatin (devil or jinn) called an 'Ifrit. This powerful evil spirit was hard to control and dangerous but could be enslaved to the religion or creed of the human (early Islam in the case of Solomon) so long as the human master never spoke the name of his religion aloud.

We spoke over Skype with Hazien Al-Ibrahami, one of the instructors at the Madras Obama attended (that's a carefully guarded secret) and he told us that, indeed, the ceremony of Binding had been done with the young Obama to a 'Great, Powerful 'Ifrit' and that the young Barack Hussein Obama had spoken the name of his religion: "al'islam alrradikali." Written as 'الإسلام الراديكالي' this translates to Fundamentalis Islam or, in English, you guessed it, "Radical Islam."

Al-Ibrhami confirmed that to speak the name of his religion would free the 'Ifrit and remove the source of his power. That's why he won't say it.