Caught: GOOGLE Fixing Polls For Hillary

You heard that Google was manipulating searches for Hillary. That's proven. Facebook admitted to manipulating news-trends against conservatism. What you didn't know was that Google has a way to manipulate polling--even polling from neutral or conservative outlets.



The answer is Google Voice

Google voice is a Google "service" that lets you have EVERY phone (and email) under one number. To do that, Google integrates into the telephony network world-wide. We have documented proof (watch WikiLeaks, we're partnering with them) that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration has teamed up with Google to do something very interesting: intercept and re-direct polling calls.

If you can control which number rings--on any device--you can make sure that the responding demographics look exactly how you want them to. That means: you control the results for any poll no matter what methodology is used.


The reason is clear--and it's three fold:

  1. Control The Narrative. The news cycles are driven by polling numbers. Show Trump collapsing? The GOP will panic and dump him at the convention. Show Romney losing in a landslide, it demoralizes his supporters.

  2. GOTV. Studies show that the best way to get people to the polls is to remind them to go. That's what door-knocking and phone-banking does. Political polling helps with that too--but it supposedly covers everyone, not just Hillary supporters. What if that weren't the case though? What if the RNC spends millions of dollars trying to find out what's going on out there and Google makes sure mostly Dem and Dem-leaners get the calls?

  3. Power. Google teamed up with Obama for Obamacare. That wasn't "for free." It was because Google got access to the entire medical records database in the US. The value of that is estimated at over a Trillion Dollars. Once Google orchestrates the election? Well, I hope you like Googles other political polices because that's what you'll be living under.

Get the word out. We can stop this.

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