UNBELIEVABLE EVIL: Hillary's Sanders Plan

If you've been following me, you know I've managed to get inside the Hillary campaign. Denied my rightful Workman's comp claim, I'm forced to take a job as a paid activist and we were purchased by Hillary's Wall Street money-machine. Now I think there might be a reason for it: I have seen things that I can't unsee inside SHillary's corrupt, malevolent organization.

But I never thought I'd see this.

Tomorrow, when Hillary meets with Sanders she has a plan. If I thought the police would help, I'd go to them but I don't have proof and her plan is too horrible to be believed. When Sanders walks into that private chamber surrounded by Hillary enforcers I know what's going to happen. I've seen it.

No one else will tell THE TRUTH.

Hillary has a carefully groomed BODY DOUBLE for Bernie Sanders. I'm a paid-activist provocateur, remember: I'm on the inside. She knows what I--what WE--know about Sanders: He'll NEVER sell out. He'll NEVER give in. He WON'T endorse her corruption. It would kill his heart. That's why we love him.

It's going to kill him. I'm too heavily watched to get a direct communication out to him--but please, PLEASE, somebody warn him: they are going to KILL HIM and REPLACE HIM with a surgically identical "twin." This new Sanders is going to carry Hillary's message to his supporters. They believe that so long as he tells them he supports her, gives them hope, and makes empty promises, enough of them will be swayed to get her into the Oval Office in November.

I fear (I'm terrified) that she's right. Too many of us have been systematically demoralized. Too many of us have seen the unanswered lies, the fraud, the media gaslighting. Too many of us are tired, broke, and worn down.

This actor--this Crisis Actor Body Double--will give limited press appearances. He will speak her words with Bernie's face. We are being lied to on a scale that people cannot imagine. I wish I could do something more--but you can. Please tell him: MEET IN A PUBLIC PLACE. DO NOT GO ALONE.