Trey Gowdy Triumphs: BENGHAZI BLOWN OPEN!

When it comes to the Benghazi Committee, Hillary and Obama should remember that Justice Never Sleeps and neither, apparently, does Trey Gowdy. In November of 2013, a man called in to the Sean Hannity show calling himself John from Iowa. Claiming to be a drone operator for the US Military, he was on duty the night of the Benghazi attack and had actual, real-time footage showing what was happening at the compound.

Here's a hint that won't surprise you: It wasn't what Hillary told you was happening.

Telling Hannity that he had incredible footage of the event, he was sought by the Committee--but the Department of Defense claimed they could not find him despite looking "everywhere."

Today? They found him. Game Changer.

This is what they learned (Gowdy has not released his statement, that's coming soon--but an inside source spoke with us off the record): Not only did live footage of the event show American mercenary forces attacking the compound, but it showed an "exterminate-and-seize team" combing the compound looking for something.

John-From-Iowa wasn't just being sought by the Department of Defense: under orders from the very top, he was being hunted by them. Now in protective custody with his encrypted data drives turned over Congress, it's time to close the book on Benghazi.

And throw the book at Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Can I get an "OH, YEAH!!"?