Plan: Kill Switches For All Guns

You were told Obama was coming for your guns: You were wrong. He wants you to have your guns--so long as you can't fire them. This is how the Obama Administration plans to achieve its goal of outlawing firearms in the United States.

Unlike Australia, we have an inconvenient little thing called the Second Amendment. This makes it impossible--even for Emperor Obama--to just go and outlaw firearms. Oh, sure, he can do some damage with his "phone and pen" (Executive Orders)--but the next president (Trump) will just undo those with his gold-plated pen and the Left knows it'll never get a gun-bill through congress so long as patriots stand guard in the House.

So what do they do? Well, it's pretty obvious--but in case you need it spelled out, here's how they plan to win:

  1. Step 1: Admit The Horse. Obama's plan to bring 200k Syrian "refugees" into the United States combined with an open southern border is designed to do exactly one thing: increase the number of terrorists in the United States. That's why they don't want more ICE. That's why they don't want a Muslim Ban. That's why they block Social Media screening.

  2. Step 2: Startle The Chickens. Making gun-grabbing noises has a very, very predictable effect: everyone buys guns! We've seen that over and over--it's supposed to be an "In Your Face, Obama" moment but don't be fooled: They WANT average people to be concerned about everyone having "Weapons of War" or "Machine Guns." They also want to make sure that there are so many purchases that straw-purchases and legal acquisition by these terrorists and gangsters is impossible for legitimate law enforcement to find.

  3. Step 3: Pass The Law. Smart Guns. Everyone knows an Assault Weapon Ban won't do anything to stop mass shootings. Making it hard for some people to buy AR-15's won't help either (in Paris, although it required a good deal of criminal infrastructure, the ISIS agents were able to get all the weaponry they wanted. Yes, they conceivably could have been stopped by French police or security forces--but they weren't, were they?). No--the one law that Obama can pass is Smart Gun Technology. That's a "wrist band" that controls if the gun can fire with an RFID chip. Remember that Obama has explicitly funded this technology, setting up his next move . . .

  4. Compromise Like An Obama (Don't). Obama holds a lot of cards. The Left hates freedom more than their own children--answer? Sleeper agents (or outright lying) about toddlers shooting themselves with legally carried concealed weapons (did you think the massive spike was an all-of-a-sudden thing?). They can immediately call attention to how "easy" it is for terrorists to get "scary assault weapons" before the blood is even dry. They control Hollywood--did you see the film Ronin? Taking place in Europe, the characters nearly get killed trying to get guns. That's The Movies. But people believe it. Hey, it looks real! At the end of the day, Obama will call for Smart Gun Requirements and with the Ferguson Effect in full swing and cops laden down with body cameras (and probably ankle bracelets at that point), they'll fall in line. Pretty soon you'll have to have a prophylactic on your gun. Make sure it's "wrapped."

  5. The Kill Switch. Once the technology exists, no matter how badly it works (and it'll be badly, trust me) it'll be forced to be legal. Once it is forced to be legal, well--there's one thing you didn't count on. All the RFID scanning technology is manufactured in China. It'll be built to TPP specifications for import. Those requirements? The presence of a universal kill-code. This means that the government can shut down your guns and, with tamper-proof casing, any attempt to open them and get them working will destroy the mechanism. The government can wait a few years for the poison to circulate and then CLICK. Your guns are door-stops.

But theirs aren't.