LEAKED: Huma-Hillary Lesbian Emails

It's an open-secret in the political world that Hillary wanted a private server so that she could conduct Clinton-Foundation politics-for-pay without being subjected to nagging transparency rules--but there's another reason she wanted her personal email out of the prying eyes of FOIA requests or Congress: her 'body woman' Huma Abedin is, of course, her gay lover.

While this is also an open secret (their political-beard husbands, Bill and . . . Anthony Weiner) have had their own trysts--and you'll have to wait for our expose of the Clinton Foundation Donation that led to Hillary being 'forced' to spend what our sources tell us was a "steamy" night in Dubai with a "Persian Prince" who wanted the American Secretary of State--until now a lot of this was carefully kept out of the public eye by a compliant press, threats from the White House, and a general fear in the political world of incurring Hillary's boundless wrath (she sends Christmas presents of editions of King Lear to her political peers).

Of course she expected her server to be air-tight. It was anything but. We now have in our possession--and the Press will have soon--Hillary's emails to Huma Abdein showing that these two, even if separated due to her jet-setting, fund-raising travel schedule, couldn't "keep their hands off each other."

No wonder she "turned around" on gay marriage so quick!